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"Gluten Free" Is it Just a Fad Diet?

The Gluten-free wave is sweeping the country. Many folks think that eating gluten-free is a way to lose weight or just plain healthier.

I'll shed some light on the gluten-free discussion to keep you informed on all the relevant details:

What is gluten?
Who should go gluten-free?
Is a gluten-free diet heathy and is it a way to lose weight?

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Success Stories From My Clients

Jessica Morrison"I've been working with Doctor Purcell for five years on my health issues. She has helped me with my hormonal imbalance, weight loss and detoxification. I have experienced dramatic results in all of these areas, and therefore trust and rely on her with all my health concerns.

On the topic of detoxification I was slightly overwhelmed at first. The thought of having to cleanse from so many different toxins was exciting, however the reality of having to cut out so much from my daily diet was a tough thing to wrap my head around, I figured it was only twenty one days so why not give it a try.

I used the month of January as my start date thinking it would be a great time to rejuvenate my body and mind with hopes of going into the new year with a fresh start.

The program was well organized and clearly laid out for me making it easy to gather food and supplies needed for the cleanse. In fact I looked forward to each days planning guide and diet diary. Giving up coffee and sugary foods was the hardest for me and I had a caffeine withdrawal headache for the first three days.

It was uncomfortable but it passed, and only made me realize how bad it must be for my body as I had been drinking up to five cups daily for years. The foods, soup and protein drinks were very tasty and you could eat as much as you wanted.

After completing the cleanse I no longer craved sugary foods and caffeine. My skin was clear and bright my energy level was boosted. I did loose eleven pounds although this was not the intention. I had a overall feeling of clarity in my body and mind. I felt recharged and ready to continue a healthier lifestyle going forward.

I do this detoxification twice a year and would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their health."

— Jessica Morrison

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Recipe Of The Week

Video Series: "Healthy Apple Crisp"

EVERYBODY loves my gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free apple crisp!

Live Fit Kitchen recently showcased my recipe for Anti-oxidant Cranberry Sauce and the response was so positive that Alysia Gadson asked me to return to share another treat with her viewers!


I have the most wonderful recipe for Apple Crisp that is 100% healthy and delicious! There's no refined sugar, no gluten, no soy and no dairy.

The main ingredient is Apples, nature's fast food. Apples are super juicy, good for you and delicious in a dessert. The secret is in the crumble topping, made with coconut oil and almond flour. Almonds are high in protein and healthy fats. Do not be scared of the fat, the fact is, not all fats are created equal. You need a balance of good fat in your diet to feed your brain.

Here's a little secret, it's not a person's fat intake that causes weight gain, it's sugar. The healthy fats in coconut oil and almonds can actually help you feel more satisfied and reduce sugar cravings.

Watch the video then try the recipe for yourself. Not only is it delicious, your guests will never know it doesn't have butter and sugar.

I promise, you are going to love it!

Dr. Purcell Recommends

Here I am in my kitchen where I prepared my Kale Shake . A super fast highly nutritious cancer-fighting drink, from my cookbook, Feed Your Cells.


Making a Kale shake is a delicious, balanced meal replacement made with protein powder, flax seeds, berries, and Kale and is sure to please every member of your family!

My “Feed Your Cells” Cookbook!

This cookbook is a must have for every kitchen. It also makes a great gift for someone who wants to be healthy and needs help cooking.

Eating healthy can be so easy when you follow the simple recipes in my book. The recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy optional.

I include little tips and tricks from the kitchen to make eating healthy delicious and effortless.

"I've always been health conscious, but not always a good health-observer. I'm a busy, single professional. I have a full work life and an active play life. I try to make healthy choices when eating, but often, convenience is king.

Ten weeks ago, Dr. Purcell presented her book, along with an eye-opening lecture. For me, she provided the missing ingredient: a you-can-do-it tutorial on how to integrate healthy cooking and eating in a time-efficient maintenance routine. The cookbook is not just a "how to" on the recipes. Feed Your Cells provided me with a "how to" on shifting my time and attention.

It turns out, taking time to prepare meals for myself does not take MORE time: it is a re-distribution of both time and money. I now prepare food in advance, and as a rule, I double the recipes and put half of what I make in the freezer right away. So now, when I really am low on time, I've already prepared healthy meals which I can defrost and take with me. I started with healthy breakfasts, freezing a month's worth of muffins at a time. When I start the day right, I tend to stay on track.

I used Feed Your Cells as a springboard to help me rededicate myself to maintaining my body as my home for the next 60 years (if I'm lucky!). I did not intend it as a weight-loss program, but my body is functioning so much more efficiently on a healthy whole foods diet, that I lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks, and my weight and tone are holding steady. I don't go to the gym. Just 10-15 minutes of yoga in the morning, and two or three nights spent dancing every week (same as before). Thank you, Dr. Purcell, for helping me get - and stay!-on track!"

Samantha Slotnick

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About Dr. Purcell

I want to share a little about me. I am licensed as a primary care doctor in Natural Integrative Medicine and am in private practice in both Arizona and California.

Additionally, I have extensive training in metabolic conditions and anti-aging. My specialties are digestive health, weight gain and hormone balancing.

Believe me, I know that women are complicated, because I have a story just like yours. It took me many years to figure out that all pieces must be addressed in order for me to look and feel my best. The same is true for you. Your body functions as a whole and should be treated holistically.

I recently published a gluten-free cookbook because I am passionate about food, nutrition and digestive health. This is the foundation of total body health.

The book is called, Feed Your Cells! 7 Ways To Make Health Food Fast Easy and Gluten-Free.

Dr. Andrea Purcell, NMD

Inside you will find easy recipes that are delicious and healthy. I have included tips on healthy cooking and food preparation that create healthy habits.

I have been educating, coaching, and directing women to lead better lives in Medical Nutrition, and Natural Medicine for more than a decade. I am so passionate about empowering women because we are misunderstood in the conventional medical model. So it’s up to you to get informed about health.
You have to get motivated to gain energy, have clear skin, find the secret to your weight loss. This site is all about You, getting the information and tools you need.

In my Natural Health Network I have hundreds of free videos, articles, and audio downloads on wellness and Natural Medicine. I recommend that you read more and participate in the programs I designed for you to regain your health. I call it Health Self-Help.

In this unique virtual Health self-help model, I share my knowledge of healing using nature’s principles with more people than I could ever see in a day. This gives you access to tools that will help you to look and feel better by regaining health from the inside out. I believe that through education and self-empowerment you can balance your body and make the essential changes to be Healthy and Happy.

I honor you,

Dr. Andrea Purcell, N.M.D.

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Stories & Testimonials

" Dr. Purcell, Thank you for everything. You are an awesome doctor and healer. I appreciate everything you do for me. See you in February!"
— E.S., Huntington Beach. CA
“I can’t talk to anyone in the medical profession the way I can talk to you, Dr. Purcell. You allow me to open up, making me feel much better. Thank you.”
 K.P., Huntington Beach, CA
"It was by chance I came by your talk on Breast Health, and I am so glad I did, it was one of the best things to happen. I really appreciated your clarity and presence during the talk. Thank You!”
— A.C., Diamond Bar, CA
"Thanks for being so great! I could never have gone this far without you!"
— J.A., Newport Beach, CA
"The diet was quite successful! First 20lbs were off before the summer, and now for the next 20! Thanks so much for a diet I can live by ..."
— M.H., Katonah, NY

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